​​​​​R  y  a  n    S  m  i  t  h    M  i  c  h  a  e  l​  

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Art Capital: Grand Palais Paris Exhi​bition 2020

"Ryan Smith Michael is a contemporary American artist, author, and illustrator born in Rhode Island, USA. Ryan’s original process of organic expressionism uses diverse and highly textured surfaces, intensely saturated color, and bold form. His composition is mixed with a contemporary Pop art style that truly grabs our attention. His early works were inspired by studies in Paris and New York. His later works have been influenced by his time spent in Japan, South East Asia, North America including Hawaii, the Caribbean, and his years spent teaching in California. Ryan is foremost inspired by nature and uses recycled materials in his mixed-media works. He promotes sustainability, climate awareness, and a united global awakening. Since 2018 he lives and works in his studios in Paris and Budapest. 

Creating for over a decade, Ryan’s work has homes across the globe. His upcoming fine art picture book, Our One Home, Planet Earth, inspires us all to honor our one precious planet. Ryan describes the book as an epic journey of self-discovery and inner self-awareness. “Teaching us how to be still. How to appreciate something simple. And how to grow to be conscious, resilient, and inclusive global citizens.” This fine art picture book for children, more importantly, needs to be shared by all generations.

At the Grand Palais, Ryan will be exhibiting two works created over the past two years, Mother Earth and Conscious Lion. Ryan calls his work “conscious fine art” because he “creates from presence.” He creates from a “flow of energy beyond thought.” And his intention for the viewer is to share the experience. “View the work, stop thinking, and connect to a deeper part of yourself.” Mother Earth, a painting inspired by Ryan’s firstborn, celebrates the glory of nature, strong women, and strong mothers. Through his work, Conscious Lion, Ryan enlightens our space and helps us to, as Ryan describes it, “connect to our shared inner essence, a place beyond form.” We are excited to shine a light on Ryan’s incredible work and encourage viewers to follow Ryan’s personal and artistic journey on Instagram, @ryansmithmicahel" 

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​​R y a n  S m i t h  M i c h a e l​​

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Our One Home, Planet Earth

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