​​​Conscious Fine Art  /  Organic Expressionism

Process and Exhibition Video:

"blue period" 

​​​​​R  y  a  n    S  m  i  t  h    M  i  c  h  a  e  l​  

Artist Statement

My work is an expression of consciousness inspired by nature. Where is all form born? A mystery to many of us yet endlessly living inside all of us- our shared inner essence. Everyone can feel it. It’s the awareness behind your thoughts. The silence between sounds, allowing sound to exist. When you see a beautiful view or something completely new, and you don’t pass judgment or apply conditioned labels, you don’t resist and you are not attached- we become completely connected, completely present and you feel it. The vast inner space we all possess- where we came from and where we all will return. The ultimate and all-encompassing blank canvas. It is presence. I create from presence. From a flow of energy beyond thought. That is why I consider my work to be an expression of consciousness. Sometimes I call it organic expressionism. The truth is... all form, everything we can see, touch, feel, etc. is an expression of consciousness. In this case, the expression of consciousness (the painting) is aware of itself being created. It's aware of that which it came at the very moment of conception. Because (when working) I am present (consciousness aware of itself). The intention is very impactful. The process is my awakening. That is my intention. The work, after I’m done, enlightens a space. A contribution to the united global awakening. 

And if you didn’t understand any of that… That’s fine! Just know- I created the work with love- pure joy! And I hope to share that experience with you, a connection to our inner essence. Our inner being. 

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Paris (2020 pandemic)... Bold. Elegant. Still.